Camping Theme Digital Bundle

Camping Theme Digital Bundle

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Save 25% with this money-saving bundle! 

Let's go camping!  S'more learning starts now with this set of high quality and engaging resources.  All resources have been designed by a Licensed Speech Language Pathologist to help facilitate language opportunities and development in your speech room or at home! 

This Money Saving DIGITAL Bundle has all of the resources created for this theme in one place!  Make sure that you are able to download an Adobe PDF prior to purchasing this file. 


5 Adapted/Interactive Books (Value: $ 25.00)

Camping Activities Book:  picture to picture matching.  To increase difficulty talk about (who) +  is (doing what)

Camping Opposites book: Learn about early language concepts of opposites.  Example page: "not day but _____(night)", "not on but _____(off)".

Let's make s'mores book : sequencing with visual instructions!  Combine with real ingredients to add more fun!

Camping Rules: Learn about appropriate behavior when camping with visual supports and comprehension questions.  

Time to Pack the Car:  matching of camping theme vocabulary.

Theme Guide + Recommendations (Value: $ 3.00)

Theme guide: play, sensory, gross/fine motor, cognition, emotional/social

Parent/Caregiver Handout: introduce the theme to the home/daycare provider by giving this one-page letter highlighting vocabulary that will be taught and helpful quick ideas to implement the theme in other environments and promote understanding.

Book + Play Recommendations:  Like to add play items or books with your theme? I've compiled lists of my favorites with direct links (affiliate) to the resources to support your students without requiring you to have to search for #allthethings.  Included are Amazon books, play items, and Usborne books.

Exclusive Handouts (Value: $ 2.00)

App + Educational Video List: a Compiled list of theme-related apps and kid-friendly videos to learn more about the vocabulary!

Printable Activity: use a dauber marker, mini eraser, pom pom or other small manipulative to indicate answer choice.  Printable focuses on pronouns. 

Planning Calendar (Value: $ 1.00)

This one page printable is great to help you jot down ideas for your activities ahead of time.  Don't like to plan in advance?  Use this to track the activities you do each day to make sure you rotate some out and don't teach a skill to the task.  

Camping Theme Vocabulary Cards (Value: $ 4.00)

Set of 20 Cards (including the cover) to teach labels for common camping-related vocabulary words. 

Social Scenarios/Convo. Cards (Value: $ 2.50)

Set of 20 Cards (including the cover).  Learn about your students with conversation starters based on a camping theme and discuss social scenarios to target problem-solving.  The PDF download comes in black and white and prints well on astro bright paper.

Coloring/Activity Pages (Value: $ 1.50)

Five printable activity pages. black and white.

Match Mat Activity (Value: $ 1.50)

Students engage in the picture to picture matching with a set of 12 icons.  Recommend using velcro with this activity.  Can also use the icons and put into a sensory bin activity

I'm Working for Cards (Value: $ 3.00)

Comes with the clip art coins to put on the templates.  Great to use to help motivate your student who needs to see a visual.  Start with 1:1 reinforcement and gradually build up to 10:1 as the student requires less and less reinforcement.