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Inspire your little builders to keep on creating with this theme!  Teach them new vocabulary as well as descriptive language skills as they learn about what tools and machines do and the many things that construction workers do to allow us to have such incredible places.  This post is meant to help get those ideas turning as you consider how to apply these activities to your own kiddos.

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Ideas Based on Developmental Areas: (Printable Version Here)

  • Sensory: 
    •  Create a sensory bin and fill it with kinetic sand or kinetic rock. Then add small construction vehicle toys to the bin. Let your kids lead and then narrate what they are doing. Whether they are digging, scooping or driving these toys in the sand, it is a great way to build language through sensory experiences
  • Fine Motor: 
    • Use toy tools for a variety of activities 
    • hammer a toy nail (have to pinch the nail and use small motor movements
    • Use a screwdriver and a pretend screw to align the tool up just right.
  • Gross Motor: 
    • Gross motor movements are large body movements that we do. Some ideas to work on this area of development include a following directions task
      • 1 stomp like a jackhammer
      • 2. push like a bulldozer
      • 3. stretch like a crane
      • 4. spin like a mixer
      • 5. reach like a forklift
  • Play: 
    • Dress up like a Construction worker and engage in pretend play. Encourage your kids to draw out plans for what they are going to build. If your child is little and just learning to draw you can provide something for them to trace. Then give them toys such as blocks or foam bricks to use and join in on the fun!
  • Cognition:  
    • work on word associations: a hammer goes with a...(nail) and a screwdriver goes with a... screw
    • Match mat (picture to picture matching)
    • Adapted books (matching the pictures
    • Puzzles (work on cognitive + fine motor)
  • Social/Emotional: 
    • Talk about ways to “build” character. This is a fun way to relate to the construction theme. While yes it’s a play on words it truly can be a great visual for students to learn the difference between positive and negative qualities in a friend. ideas of objects to use include legos and a dry erase marker to write the qualities on each block.
Family Activities: (Printable Family Letter)
  • dress up as construction workers.  use play bricks or blocks to build objects of your child’s choice such as a house or a tall building.  read books about construction with your kids and describe the tools and what you can do with them.  

Book Recommendations: (Printable Version Here)

This is a list of books that pair well with the Construction Theme.  I highly recommend searching some of these titles on Epic! or on Youtube if you're looking for free ways to utilize these stories for your kiddos.  Another option is to print the recommendations and take them to your local library.  There you can check out the books you're interested in.  

When you know you want to add some books to your personal or school library, you can use the links below to purchase through Amazon.







Play Recommendations: (Printable Version Here)




Apps That You Can Download: (Printable Version Here)


  • Tractor Games: House Builder 
  • Kids Car, Trucks - Puzzles
  • Cars In The Sandbox
  • Carl The SuperTruck Roadworks


  • Kids Construction 
  • Little Builders
  • Tiny Builders 
  • Sago Mini Toolbox

Educational Video Links: (Printable Version Here)

Articulation Word List: (Printable Version Here)

Grab your list of words related to the construction theme that are categorized by speech sound above.  This is helpful for your mixed speech therapy groups or if you have a child who is working on their articulation skills in speech therapy.  

Like Our Thematic Resources? 

Be sure to check out the Boom Versions of our Adapted Books!  These resources can be played on a phone, iPad, or computer and feature drag and drop icons!  Whether you assign them to a student to get data or if you just use them with screen sharing during a session, they are engaging and a favorite amongst our students.  

Have you implemented our Construction Themed resources? 
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