How To Create Parent Communication Logs Using Google Forms in 5 Minutes

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Are you tracking your parent communication?  If you need a resource that organizes your parent contact all in one place, that you can set up in 5 minutes or less, you're in the right place.  In this post, I'll share with you all the steps you need to know in regard to how to create a parent communication log using google forms.  

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*You can send this resource to ANYONE that needs it during this time!  It just is not permitted to be sold to anyone (I mean come on.. do I really need to say don't sell my freebies). 


1. Log in to your google account 
2. Click the 3x3 grid of grey boxes in the top right corner (gmail - images - 3x3 grid) 
3. Click Drive 
4. Click New 
5. Click More > Google Forms 
6. Title Your Google Form "parent communication log"
7. Insert the questions you want so you can enter in your responses any time you contact your families.  (important to note you can change the response type: multiple choice, checkboxes, short answer, paragraph etc.). 
A. Did You Contact All Families (multiple choice: yes/no)
B. Name of The Student (short answer: type this in)
C. Method of Contact (multiple choice: phone call, text, email, virtual class, other)
D. Family Member Contacted (short answer: type this in)
E. Reason Contacted (short answer: type this in)
F. Notes (paragraph: type this in)
G: Follow up needed? (multiple choice: yes/no)
H: Notes for Follow Up (paragraph: type this in)

Once you complete this you are now ready to use your form to collect responses!

Each time you make contact with a family, be sure to use this handy form.  Once you submit a form you'll be able to see the responses and you can even click the green excel icon to create a spreadsheet!  This is INCREDIBLE. 

If you are a director or principal you can have your teachers/staff share this with you for accountability and to review if needed.  Teachers + Related Services, be sure to keep up to date with documentation.  You can sort your spreadsheet by column if you'd like to sort by those students that need follow up you can do so to stay organized.  


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