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 I don't know about you but when I have too many ideas in my feed and I'm trying to organize all of it, I get overwhelmed

That is why I decided to start this resource.  I needed a way to keep track of all of the freebies and links made available in light of COVID-19 and school closings. 

With this presentation, I have categorized information in a helpful way to make it easier for you to access.  A presentation worked out well because it will automatically update!  So as I add links and finalize the document it will update in real-time.  No need to wait for new links for families + staff, so please share this with your community!

Psst.  I'm not going to lie I wanted this to be finalized prior to sharing it with you, because of the perfectionist in me..
. but this isn't a time for perfection, it's a time for support so thank you in advance for your understanding that some sections still need me to add resources to them!  I will be doing so right after I complete sending home packets to my families.

There are clickable links in this presentation
Be sure to right-click + open in a new tab - on the pictures to be taken directly to the product listings. Much of the products are FREEBIES for you.  


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  • Thank you so much for creating this resource!!

    Liz on
  • I’ve been looking at a ton of resources over the last week. This is one of the most organized and comprehensive by far.

    Ashley on
  • Thanks so much for this resource. I think its great for those of us entering uncharted territory and just trying to do the best we can :)

    Angela on

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